Android applications for your customers

More and more people have smartphones or tablets. These devices pose specific requirements on programs and webpages to be user-attractive, thus successful. Every modern company should at least think about this segment. If you belong there, you may want:

  • Mobile version of your web page.
  • Application promoting your services and products.
  • Any other application for your customers.

Android solutions for your company

Two main parts belong here:

  • Mobile extension of your IT system. This is the case when your company needs mobile access to the system. Cases include reporting on tablet or mobile phone, external access to certain data or actions…
  • Replacement of company processes and tools with mobile technology. You need a notepad to record data while on the go? With tablet or mobile phone it’s easy to stay mobile and optimize your processes with automatic data transfers, notifications and more.

Other possibilities are based on your needs and line of business.

Mobile marketing and new forms of interaction

Whole world adapts to modern technologies. QR codes appear on billboards and magazines. It’s a matter of time when NFC technology comes to our lives. Be prepared and use these technologies for your benefit:

  • QR codes (Quick Response code) to promote your product or service.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) to support interaction with physical objects, add payment and many other.

What’s next?

  • Contact me here if you are interested in provided services.